The Rink of Red

Original play by UI students melds violence and dancing

The Rink of Red – Poster by Kaitlin Martin

In September 2012 I got contacted by a young woman called Kaitlin Martin (see her website, writing to me the following words:

“… Hi, your bullfighting paintings are incredible. I came across them because I was google searching bullfighting imagery…I recently graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design and I’m trying to design posters for a bullfighting themed play my friend got into the theater at the university in our town. I was wondering, would you consider letting us use some of your imagery for the posters? For the purpose of use IN the play (as a prop, she would like a bullfighting poster)? …”

What with me always loving anything against the norm involving bullfighting art, I  accepted.  Above is the poster of the play. I do like the subtle and discreet way how Kaitlin embedded my paintings in it. So subtle that I had to ask her which paintings they were!  🙂

Here they are:

Bullfight and Flamenco paintings by Miki de Goodaboom

I was really very curious about it, I could not really imagine how and what the play would be about.  Well, some weeks later, Kaitlin sent me a review of the play, by Justus Flair:

“Original play by UI students melds violence and dancing

Dancing and bullfighting may seem an odd combination and even a little dangerous, but both will occur this weekend in the University of Iowa Theater Building.

Audiences will be able to witness the combination this weekend at the performance of Rink of Red, a drama written by UI student and playwright Eva Adderley. Playgoers can attend the début at 8 p.m. Friday in Theater B. Performances will also occur at 2 and 8 p.m. Saturday and 2 p.m. Oct.7.

“It really is just a commentary on violence through bullfighting,” Rink of Red director Mark Smolyar said. “We’re able to see that it’s not just black and white — there’s always more than one angle to see things. There’s beauty and art, and tradition, not just violence.”

Smolyar — a first-time director in a Gallery Series, a play written, produced, directed, acted, etc., by UI students — said he recognized the complex nature of the script and the difficulty it presented…”

The Rink of Red – Credits: The Daily Iowan / Joshua Housing

(Please click here if you want to read the rest of the review and see more photos of the play)

I must say that I find this extremely interesting and even avant-gardist. I wish I could have been there!

Congratulations to the whole team

for that fabulous idea!

You can see and buy online my bullfighting paintings, as originals (the ones which are still available) or Giclee prints on paper or canvas, at my following galleries at

TORO – Bull, Bullfight and Flamenco Art by Miki

Miki’s Fine Art America Gallery

Planet Goodaboom

and, last but not least, for the French speaking aficionados, at

La Corrida en Peinture


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