The Brain of A Bullfighter

Toroscape 61 – Watercolour and ink painting by Miki

Some days ago I have read an interesting scientific article about the brains of bullfighters, written by Doctor Antonio Alcalá Malavé . Well, being a scientist in my first profession (mathematician and physician) and an aficionado from birth, it was of course interesting to me. Unfortunately it was in Spanish, and I haven’t got so much time (and probably not the required ability) to translate it in its entirety, so I will try to translate  what seems the most important to me.

“According to the article, “The brain of a bullfighter” is  a rarely researched field. Doctor Alcalá Malave presented his theory in a conference called “The Magic of A Bullfighter Brain”, a theory about the behaviour of the bullfighter brains. His aim being to make an objective, scientific approach with the help of cerebral biochemy and cellular biology.

Apparently the quantity and quality of neuronal transmitters of a bullfighter is much higher  than the one of a normal person. Consequently a bullfighter hasn’t got a normal brain.

A bullfighter feels fear, tremendous fear. This fears changes his brain. Through his fear his brain emits a different frequency than normal humans: the paranormal frequency.

The bullfighter are mediums who sense what will happen next. They are able to unite all their cells at light speed: consequently, as they fight, they enter a state of “light coherency”, emitting light through the big quantity of energy they are freeing.

The neurotransmitter which makes bullfighter fighting at perfection is  “dopamine”, the same which secrete people in love. The one which makes him fighting with happiness is “serotonine”.

Nevertheless, there is another neurotransmitter, “vasopresine”, which a bullfighter secretes in much lower quantity, but predisposes him biologically to unfaithfulness: it is what is called a collateral effect of being a bullfighter. These collateral effects are the ones which define the general personality outside the bullring. For example, their high index of testosterones make them very protective of their environment and of their clan.

One has always thought that bullfighter are made out of another stuff. But Doctor Alcalá says that it is not true. He says that they are made out of the same paste as normal people. But they use other and own means, not used by normal persons with the aim to be able to confront and fight the bulls.
But in which place of the brain is situated the organ which is responsable for the taste of Manzanares for the capote, for the happy courage of Jose Tomas, for the magnetism of Morante in the bullring? What do bullfighters move more, their heart or their brain?

Doctor Alcalá answers that one of the biggest reservoirs of a bullfighter electromagnetism is not the brain, but the heart. They feel that when the heart emits in a frequency of compassion and love, they are more able to make a better fight,  while when it emits a frequency of fear or hate towards the animal, it is better not to come close to it, because it is when, normally, they get caught.

The article ends saying that The mysteries of a bullfighter brain and heart have been now discovered by Doctor Alcalá as if he was opening the mysterious Pandora box of bullfighting, according to the clear parameters offered by anatomy, biology, mathematics and quantum physics, among otehr sciences.

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3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Joël
    Oct 25, 2012 @ 20:14:40

    Quel intéressant article ! Il convient d’ajouter que ce docteur est sur certains blogs qualifié de “simple” journaliste et ses travaux tournés en dérision…

  2. Miki
    Oct 26, 2012 @ 17:54:20

    Bonjour Joël! Peut-être ont-ils raison, mais tu sais, pour moi les blogueurs ont trop souvent la dérision facile… en fait je ne suis pas au courant, et cela ne m’intéresse pas vraiment. Je suis tombée sur cet article par hasard, et ce qui m’a plu, beaucoup plus que le contenu en fait, est le sujet en lui-même. Différent de tout ce qu’on peut lire sur les corridas, j’ai trouvé ça rafraichissant.

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