A Dream Came True…

People who have already been to Spain surely know them: the posters -called “cartel taurino” – announcing bullfight events, like the following ones

In the past, I don’t know if it is still “in”, but when tourists came to Spain they used to buy these posters, but after putting their name on the list of the bullfighters on the poster. I never did that myself, but well, it is quite a funny idea in fact…

Anyway, since I have started painting bullfight motifs, I have always dreamed that one day some corridas organising company contacts me, asking if they could use my paintings on their posters,

Well, my dream came true: Two days  ago, a company called Ferrodex contacted me , asking for my paintings, their aim being to give the fiesta a more artistic touch by the way of the posters. Ferrodex is a national Spanish company, organising all kind of events related to bull and bullfight across the whole of Spain. They even have two of their own fincas, rearing bulls and selling them for bullfight…

We might come to an agreement…

And when we do, I will also have my name on the posters… but not as a matador, as an artist!

Bullfight paintings exhibition at the bullring

0810 bullfight paintings exhiition in Turre

In my last post I said I would publish some more photos from my bullfight paintings exhibition last year, at the bullring in Turre (Almeria, Spain), this charming little town where we live. I had got the special authorisation from our mayor for that, to be honest I had expected it to be denied as I applied, only 2 days before!The fact is they had never been confronted with such a petition in our town hall… but our mayor is a modern man, he even made sure himself that I got the space I needed, just by the entrance.

We don’t have a real bullring here in Turre, so on some important occasions, like the town fiesta in October every year, a mobile arena has to be constructed. Of course, it is just a tiny one, but I must say that I adored to ‘participate’ in the bullfight there. It was quite intimate, and of course the ambience was great, a bullfight here being quite a rare event..

0810 toros en fuegoIt was quite hilarious as the fire engine arrived and parked just by my exhibition. It really looked as if they were expecting that some anti-bullfight fanatics would arrive and set my paintings on fire!

0810 horses bulls and firemenOn the other side of the fire engine… I guess they were the horses from the picadores…

0810 JCB horsesIn fact there were horses everywhere outside the bullring, before the bullfight started. I suppose they had no room to “park” them inside the mobile arena. ..

0810 bulls in Turre

and this is where the bulls were parked, at the back of the arena, inside the lorry which brought them., waiting for their appearance on stage… and their death, unfortunately. I can tell you, there was a lot of restless movement and banging inside there, quite scary! Always sad when one thinks that these beautiful wild animals, so full of energy, will be killed within 10 minutes after the beginning of the fight. I must say that I suffer much more under this thought than under the sight of them being killed… It somehow makes me more conscious of the occasional unfairness of life and death…

I once had the opposite experience. I was invited to go to “the butchery” (I don’t know the right word), inside the arena, just after a bull was killed which I had just seen fighting. It was a deep existentialist shock, to see  this wild animal which had fought so bravely some minutes ago, hanging there by his feet and being skinned… I will never forget this!

Toroscape 43


My Last Toroscape (#43)

Featuring our local matador “Jesus Almeria”

By the way this painting is nspired from a photo I took myself in October 2008 art a corrida in Turre. I had rceived a speicla permission from the town hall to make a bullfight painting exhibition in front of the bull ring, begore the fiesta begins. I had never dome something like that before, and I doubt, many others had either!

The heroe of the day, Jesus Almeria, went through the exhibition with his team, and complimented me. Kevin insisted to take a photo…

I will show you in my next post dome more photos from this exhibition, as it was really folkloric!

0810 Jesus Almeria and Miki

Bullfight online… ole!


I have opened

“Miki’s Mart”

my online shop, where you can buy on-line many different products featuring my bullfighting art work (and my other artwork too!):

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For the moment I have put on sale only about 30 products, but I will regularly add more. When you are interested in a product featuring one of my paintings which you have seen in one of my websites but not in Miki’s Mart, please drop me a line at


Thanks for visiting anyway!

La corrida, un truc de vieux appelé à disparaître ?


Les jeunes n’aiment plus la corrida

On entend parfois  que la corrida va disparaître naturellement puisque les jeunes spectateurs d’aujourd’hui désertent les arènes au profit des concerts et des stades de foot. Ainsi, ce « spectacle barbare » serait tout doucement en train de mourir de sa belle mort, il n’en aurait plus que pour deux ou trois générations.

Un dessin d’ABC

Ce débat, lui, n’est pas tout jeune. Rappelons-nous ce dessin fameux publié dans un ABC d’il y a une vingtaine d’années – ou plus peut-être, le temps passe si vite ! On y voyait une arène comble de spectateurs fervents en train d’attendre la sortie du taureau, alors que, surgissant du trou noir du couloir, arrivait en plein soleil sous les vivas… un ballon de foot ! Une génération plus tard, la tauromachie ne s’est jamais aussi bien portée. Les fauves qui jaillissent du couloir provoquent toujours la sourde et puissante exclamation du public saluant la sauvagerie, la force et la beauté du toro bravo.

Les jeunes vont vieillir !

En réalité, la seule inéluctable certitude est que les jeunes d’aujourd’hui sont les moins jeunes de demain. Or le goût de l’art classique, la volonté d’exalter ses racines et le plaisir de la nostalgie croissent avec l’âge, c’est bien connu. C’est ainsi que depuis des siècles des millions de jeunes Espagnols ont découvert la tauromachie sur le tard et sont devenus des aficionados experts et enthousiastes. Conclusion, nos jeunes rockers prendront un jour ou l’autre, c’est sûr, le chemin des arènes et nous verrons encore souvent l’affiche « No hay billete » orgueilleusement placardée sur les murs des plazas.

De la confiture de fraise

Les anti-taurins ne vont pas disparaître non plus, et c’est tant mieux. Leurs actions sont formidables, ils doivent absolument persister. En effet, c’est un régal pour l’œil de s’attarder sur les photos de presse prises lors de leurs manifestations, et il serait dommage de ne plus pouvoir admirer toutes ces jeunes femmes absolument nues, le corps barbouillé de confiture de fraise…

Par Bernard F.




In my last post I was writing about the use of the colour blue in my bullfight paintings, which seems to be quite unusual. Some people categorically don’t like it as they think that bullfight must spin around warm colours, others like it because it is unusual, and some  perhaps need time to get used to it…

A few days later, I received the following mail:

” Hello, my name is Tom. I am from England. I am taking GCSE art on the subject of red and have themed it all around bullfighting and Spanish culture. For my project I need an artist study and through research on the internet found your home site and its greatly interesting and your works have significantly influenced how i plan to do my final piece. I was wondering whether you would mind if i could complete my artist study on you and your pieces.


Kind regards”

Honestly, I  quite often receive mails from young students, who like my art so much that they want to write their final work about  me. This is always a great moment for me, as I believe that one can be very proud to be able to inspire young people.

But this one was a very special joy for me. I feel quite close to the whole bull and bullfight world, not only with my art but with my heart too. Although I understand the people who are against it or even hate it, I always feel very sad when they attack it without even knowing what they are speaking about. To meet a young man, who comes from a different culture, and chooses bullfight to make his final work on it is simply GREAT!

I was so touched that I asked Tom to tell me a little bit more about his project and which bullfight painting of mine he more associates with “Red”.  He was kind enough to send me the following answer:

“… The subject of Red was one offered by the exam body but elaboration on the subject was left entirely to the student. For me the typically red bull fighter’s cape links bullfighting to the title. My idea is that the colour red, as a hot colour, can often symbolise anger which could be present in the bull, and red can also reflect blood spilt in the manner of fighting. So far I have completed primary studies on the way red fabric flows mimicking the red cape, and many secondary studies, using different media, of matadors and bulls. While originally I intended to emphasize the red of the cape and any blood present I have begun to extend the red beyond the cape to become the principle colour of the matador, the bull and even surrounding landscape. In this I am attempting to bring the anger and heat through as well as depicting the scene, and of course, it remains close to the title.

The painting I associate most with red is “Tired” fundamentally because reds and oranges
are the main colours, but also my personal interpretation is the sate of the bull reflects how its weaking and links to the blood spilt in the fight. I have been studying Spanish for a number of years and intend to take it for A-level next year, other than France, Spain is the only place I have been on holiday and I love the culture. However I have not yet had the chance to view a bullfight so my direct link to it is somewhat limited… “

I want here to thank Tom for his direct, wonderful contribution to my blog, and for giving me the hope back,  that bullfight will not die… Many people argue, that bullfight will automatically die by lack of spectators within 1 or 2 generations… perhaps not? Are perhaps our young people from today more tolerant?

Well, I shall write a post soon about the death of bullfight…

A question of Taste…


In my last post I told you (in French, sorry…) about an acrylic bullfight painting which is standing unfinished on my easel in my new bathroom converted into an atelier. I will finish it, at some point, but in the meanwhile I decide to make some work on it with the computer, and here is the result, one more from the series “Toroscapes”.

I changed quite a lot of the initial colours, opting for blue/green instead of red/orange… my brother, who normally loves my bullfight paintings, told me once that he does not like it at all when I put a lot of blue or green in these paintings.

I am myself not a fan of the so-called cold colours, but when one paints so many bullfight themes as I do, and stay true to the traditional colours which one kind of associates to corrida, there comes a point when one cannot see these colours anymore! I am quite close to this point right now!

But anyway: as always, a question of taste!

One more Toroscape…

toroscape27-xs– Toroscape 27 –

Bon, lentement mais surement je me replonge dans la corrida. Pas toujours évident de trouver l’envie de les peindre, c’est vraiment un sujet très particulier, et souvent j’ai besoin de longues pauses entre les séries. Je ne crois pas que la pause est complètement finie, mais j’ai trouvé ce matin un dessin commence il y a quelques semaines, puis abandonné pour autres priorités, et finalement oublié… j’ en ai aimé le sujet, alors j’ai repris le dessin et l’ai continué, d’abord à l’encre, puis à l’aquarelle, et finalement, et c’est bien le cas de le dire, je l’ai achevé à l’ordinateur!

J’ai aussi sur mon chevalet dans la salle de bains transformée en atelier pour peinture sauvage, un tableau de corrida à l’ acrylique sur toile, commencé il y a environ 3 semaines… il faudrait que je l’achève bientôt celui-là aussi, car j’ai l’intention de faire toute une série à l’acrylique sur toile… mais quand je fais çà, de la peinture j’en mets partout, et pour le moment je me sens un peu sophistiquée et je n’ai pas envie de me salir  🙂

Et puis faut dire aussi, et ca c’est moins amusant, que depuis que nous avons amenage ici, a Turre (Andalicia, Provincia de Almeria) l’approvisionnement en materiel de peinture est devenu très diffcile, et je suis obligée de commander presque tout en Allemagne… et mes acryliques, elles se font un peu rare… alors peindre sans les couleurs dont j’ai besoin, ca pourrait etre un challenge genre occasion de changer ma palette de couleurs, mais queston corrida, il y a quand même des couleurs que je ne peux pas trop varier…

Je ne voudrais pas vivre dans une grande ville comme Paris ou Londres, mais je dois dire qu’il y a une chose dont je les ai envie vraiment les artistes qui y vivent:

leurs magasins de peinture!

Days and weeks and months with toros…

My new bullfight calendars for 2010 are ready.

This time they ahve been designed and produced in Scotland,


The Bay Attic.

Available sind 2 different designs:

1. the Slim line


2. The not so slim line


Mugs and Bulls


I am very proud to present you today one of the products which The Bay Attic in Scotland have created especially for my

Bull and Bullfighting Art site.

I have received these two mugs, some days ago, together with some other wonderful products which I will present in my site there. These cups are simply wonderful, of a beautiful quality and design.

And I have tested them already: they work perfectly!

I have thought about a way to present them here, and in my site. I simply couldn’t take the usual boring path, so I had this idea of using a white coathanger as horns and holder for the cups… and I stole the bull from somewhere in the net, like a cattle rustler(!) , but I performed some plastic surgery on him, giving him the eyes from another prettier bull featured on one of my paintings… Hope I won’t be sued by any of them!

Cheers and Ole!

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