Lost in Light – Perdidos en la Luz

Lost in light and dust… this is what I tried to represent in my newest bullfight painting. The bullfighter, almost a ghost, behind his cape.. and the bull, almost disoriented, blind fighting against all these elements…

Just another bullfight artwork for people who, like me, love the yellow and pink cape.. and for the tenderest souls, who like bullfight, but don’t like blood. Among my clients quite often I hve some asking me:

“we want to buy one of your bullfight paintings… do you have any without blood?””

Toroscape 55 – by Miki

(Pastel and Digital Art – Pastel y Arte Digital)

Perdidos en la luz y el polvo… eso es lo que he tratado de ensenar en mi ultimo cuadro taurino. El matador, casi un fantasma detrás de la capa.. y el toro, casi desorientado, ciegamente luchando contra todos los elementos.

Una pintura para los aficionados de la capa amarillo y rosa, como yo. Tambien para los almas mas tiernas,  losque aman la corrida, pero quienes no quieren ver sangre. Encunetro a muchos de esos dentro de mis clientes. me dicen:

“Queremos comprar un cuadro taurino suyo.. tiene algún sin sangre?”


And if somebody is interested in buying a Giclee print of this painting, it is available in different sizes and on many different supports in my FAA Gallery here:

Si alguien quiere comprar un Giclee print de este cuadro, se puede hacer directamente online en mi FAA Galería aquí:

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Bring out your inner bullfighter!

Sometimes I really wonder for what my bullfight paintings are used. I have many examples, but one of the most marking ones for me was one day a young boy contacting me, wanted to use one of my bullfight paintings for his marching band by some event. As always, I was promised to get a photo of the T-Shirt, and of the band by the event, but as always, I did not get anything. I often wonder how fast people forget their promises, and generally their good manners on the net…

Luckily there are still people who know how to behave. The best example was a business man from the UK, who bought an original bullfight painting of me, and the copyright outright, in the intention of using it as the logo of his new company. The man was kind and respectful from the very beginning, we developed a nice relationship and we are still in friendly contact from time to time, him informing me about the progress of the company.


Anyway, 2 weeks ago I was asked for the permission to use  following painting for a flyer for an event at the Crescendo Club, apparently somewhere in Ontario   (www.clubcrescendo.com). Asking what it was about, I received following answer

“This is the 10th in a series of events from around the world including Brazil, Greece, and Mexico. We bring in DJ’s of the certain ethnicity and play music with the nation’s cultural influence. In this case, for Spain, we will put up the Spanish flag around the club and wear themed Spanish outfits. We cater these events to people who appreciate the music and culture of the featured country.”


So people who will attend the event, i wish you a great time there. And don’t be scared to bring out your inner bullfighter, our world needs courageous and crazy people!

And if somebody is interested in buying a Giclee print of this painting, called “Seeing Red”, it is available in different sizes and on many different supports in my FAA Gallery here:


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A New Acrylic Bull

I have been asked, at different occasions, to create new bullfight paintings on canvas. Hum, not so happy about it… for the last year I have been painting mainly with watercolour, gouache, pastel, pencils and also digital tools, and the thought of going back to acrylics was not very appetising. I explain: when I paint acrylic bullfight scenes, it becomes a wild fiesta in my atelier, and colours, mainly vibrant black and red, are flying all over the place, landing partly on the canvas but also everywhere else, especially on myself! And I don’t really like it!

Well, today i eventually did it. There was that half done painting I started one year ago, i chose to finish it. I normally hate to go back to an old painting, it is like drinking cold coffee. But well, sometimes, when times are hard,  one has to drink cold coffee…. 🙂

2010 Acrylics Toro - 50 x 100 cm - by Miki

The original is for sale.


Prints in different sizes ans on different supports can be purchased in my FAA Gallery

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Back in The Ring,,,

Caught in many other projects, I often forget that I am bullfight painter…

Good that there are such people as Catherine/Leila to remember me of my duty soemtimes1 Fact is that all around the world I have customers and admirers following my bullfight art, waiting for my new creations…

I am really not sure if I generally go on painting this theme, I wanted already to stop some years ago, but I was asked to go on, and asked and asked again, and I am a weak person, I can’t say NO…

Anyway here is a new one for today