Amour Toro – The Banner

I have been asked about the Banner, I use for this blog. Well, it is painted by me, Miki ( and, and it was the result of some art experiments involving a classical painting of me in watercolour, and some digital art. Surprised by the results which I found quite attractive, I made a whole series of bullfight artworks in this technique, called “The Toroscapes – Bullfight in Digital Light”. The The Banner is a part of “Toroscape 18”.

The painting had to be cropped and distorted for the sake of the required banner dimensions, but for those who are interested, here is the full painting

Toroscape 18

As a result of the technique, this artwork is only available as Giclee print, digital print or poster in many different prices and on different supports.

Please contact me at if you are interested.

You can also purchase a print directly online in my Fine Art America Gallery


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Toro Evanescento

Sometimes it is very interesting to go back in time, and look at what one did in the past. One had another technique, one was in another mood, had even perhaps another life… and always one can see it in the style and in the technique one used. Also there were always times when I had a bullfight phase, and I painted a lot of them, but after some weeks I couldn’t see the bulls and bullfighters any more, and I had to stop suddenly, often in the middle of some works. Anyway, these last days, animated as well by the antibullfight fighters as  by new clients from far away -and their wonderful compliments!-, I felt the urge to come back in the ring, In one my atelier rooms, there were some paintings lying around, abandoned months. probably even years ago… I just worked a little bit on them. Some, like the one I publish today, are really in a very different style, almost evanescent… I wonder what was my inner state as I started it!

Come on, Dude, let us have a drink!

I have started creating a series of funny bullfight paintings for the 123 Greetings Studio. They are part of a bigger project, from which the aim is to create a whole collection of paintings/designs which can be sent as greetings cards at such occasions as thanksgiving, Christmas, Advent, New Year, Valentines, etc…  A quite interesting work in fcat, I really enjoy to strech my brain to try to find good ideas, and then to try to convert them in some attractive picture, which could incite people to send them to their friends, familiy, etc.. a big honour for me if they do, by the way!

I will show you in this blog some of these bullfight creations, which I have done very recently. At some point, when I have enough I will put them together in a Youtube video, and give the link. In the meanwhile if you want to send them as ecards, or just look at them, go please to my 123 Studio Gallery. If you go there, please have the patience to browse through the different pages, i have quite a lot of ecards downloaded there, and many  have nothing yo do with bullfight…  which of course does not mean they you shouldn’t look at them!!!  🙂


This one, I hope, will unify pro- and antibullfight people, won’t it?

Bullfight paintings exhibition at the bullring

0810 bullfight paintings exhiition in Turre

In my last post I said I would publish some more photos from my bullfight paintings exhibition last year, at the bullring in Turre (Almeria, Spain), this charming little town where we live. I had got the special authorisation from our mayor for that, to be honest I had expected it to be denied as I applied, only 2 days before!The fact is they had never been confronted with such a petition in our town hall… but our mayor is a modern man, he even made sure himself that I got the space I needed, just by the entrance.

We don’t have a real bullring here in Turre, so on some important occasions, like the town fiesta in October every year, a mobile arena has to be constructed. Of course, it is just a tiny one, but I must say that I adored to ‘participate’ in the bullfight there. It was quite intimate, and of course the ambience was great, a bullfight here being quite a rare event..

0810 toros en fuegoIt was quite hilarious as the fire engine arrived and parked just by my exhibition. It really looked as if they were expecting that some anti-bullfight fanatics would arrive and set my paintings on fire!

0810 horses bulls and firemenOn the other side of the fire engine… I guess they were the horses from the picadores…

0810 JCB horsesIn fact there were horses everywhere outside the bullring, before the bullfight started. I suppose they had no room to “park” them inside the mobile arena. ..

0810 bulls in Turre

and this is where the bulls were parked, at the back of the arena, inside the lorry which brought them., waiting for their appearance on stage… and their death, unfortunately. I can tell you, there was a lot of restless movement and banging inside there, quite scary! Always sad when one thinks that these beautiful wild animals, so full of energy, will be killed within 10 minutes after the beginning of the fight. I must say that I suffer much more under this thought than under the sight of them being killed… It somehow makes me more conscious of the occasional unfairness of life and death…

I once had the opposite experience. I was invited to go to “the butchery” (I don’t know the right word), inside the arena, just after a bull was killed which I had just seen fighting. It was a deep existentialist shock, to see  this wild animal which had fought so bravely some minutes ago, hanging there by his feet and being skinned… I will never forget this!

Toroscape 43


My Last Toroscape (#43)

Featuring our local matador “Jesus Almeria”

By the way this painting is nspired from a photo I took myself in October 2008 art a corrida in Turre. I had rceived a speicla permission from the town hall to make a bullfight painting exhibition in front of the bull ring, begore the fiesta begins. I had never dome something like that before, and I doubt, many others had either!

The heroe of the day, Jesus Almeria, went through the exhibition with his team, and complimented me. Kevin insisted to take a photo…

I will show you in my next post dome more photos from this exhibition, as it was really folkloric!

0810 Jesus Almeria and Miki

Lundi 13 avril 2009 – Corrida de rejon

Rejon 1S

De nouveau, les arènes d’Arles sont pleines en cette matinée du dernier jour de la féria.
3 rejoneadores et leurs magnifiques montures vont nous régaler d’un superbe spectacle pendant près de 2h30. Bohorquez, Mendoza et Ventura ont offert ce qui est considéré comme un sommet dans l’art de la tauromachie à cheval, alternant grâce, élégance et émotion. J’espère que ces quelques photos sauront retransmettre le plaisir ressenti à la vue de ces ballets équestres.
J’emploie volontairement le terme de ballets équestres où le toro me semble n’être que le faire-valoir de cavaliers émérites mais il est impossible de rester insensible devant de tels mouvements où la complicité du cavalier et du cheval est portée au plus haut point. Mais si j’ai en mémoire la vision extraordinaire de chevaux semblant parfois défier seuls les toros, j’ai à l’inverse peu aimé la suerte qui consiste pour le rejoneador à déposer son chapeau entre les cornes du toro… Diversement apprécié par les aficionados, ce geste m’a semblé être de peu de respect pour un vaillant adversaire mais je manque d’objectivité, il est vrai que je ne suis pas grand amateur de ces corridas à cheval…

rejon 2S

rejon 3S

rejon 4S

Texte & Photos by Joël D.

Inauguration du nouvel atelier Toro – 2 –


by Miki, May 2009 – Acrylics on canvas, 100 x 50 cm

One of my 2009 new series on bullfight acrylics paintings on canvas… I love these extreme vertical formats, quite a challenge though to fit in the bll and the bullfighter… one has to cut parts, but when one cuts at the right place (no blood!), the result can be very striking…

Inauguration du nouvel atelier Toro – 1 –

2009 Toro Acrylic 04 S

by Miki, May 2009 – Acrylique sur toile, 100 x 50 cm

Enfin j’ai pu me remettre à la peinture sur toile! Depuis mon déménagement l’été dernier j’étais privée de mon atelier pour grands formats, et je trouvais réduite à peindre sur papier ou sur toiles miniatures. Non pas que je n’aime pas, non. J’adore le papier, surtout le beau papier beaux arts, c’est un immense plaisir de travailler dessus å l’aquarelle ou à la gouache. Mais bon, des fois, j’ai besoin d’avoir plus de place pour mes folies artistiques, et j’ai aussi besoin de sentir les pinceaux glisser sur la toile… c’est un sentiment tout autre que le papier, plus profond, plus physique. Alors voila, l’endroit convoité depuis des mois pour installer mon nouvel atelier est enfin acquierti, et je n’ai pas tardé une seconde pour me mettre au travail., les corridas étant bien sur LE thème idéal pour commencer. D’abord parce qu’une corrida en grand format çà rend plus justice à la majesté de la fiesta, et puis aussi parce que mes clients en veulent. Du Toro sur toile, c’est çà qu’ils préfèrent! A part les Anglais, qui eux restent fidèles aux peintures aquarelles plus délicates et plus pastels…

Bref, je viens de terminer 2 formats panoramiques verticaux… je suppose que cela ne s’appelle pas comme çà, alors si quelqu’un ici connait le vrai terme… j’adore ce genre de formats extrêmes, verticaux ou horizontaux. Pas toujours facile d’y mettre la corrida dedans, mais je crois que, dans les 2 cas cela m’a bien réussi… et non, je n’ai pas honte de me faire des compliments a moi-même!!!

Je présenterai le second la prochaine fois… si je n’oublie pas!

Traje de luces…

Habit de lumière 1

A de rares occasions près (corrida goyesque ou corrida-festival), l’habit de lumières (traje de luces) est indissociable de la corrida. On attribue la composition de l’habit de lumières à Francisco Montes « Paquiro » vers les années 1830.
Cette tenue se compose d’une veste (chaquetilla) qui recouvre un gilet (chaleco). Le tout porté sur une chemise blanche à jabot (camisa) et une cravate (pañoleta). La culotte (taleguilla) est resserrée au dessus des genoux par des cordons tressés (machos) agrémentés de glands (caireles). Une large ceinture (faja) est en principe de la même couleur que la cravate. La culotte laisse apparaître une paire de bas roses qui recouvre elle-même une paire de collants de coton blanc. Des chaussures légères (zapatillas) terminent cet habit. Enfin, la matador se coiffe d’une toque en astrakan (montera) et fixe à l’arrière de ses cheveux un chignon postiche (coleta) qu’il coupera symboliquement le jour de sa retraite. Pour être complet, lors du paseo, le matador porte un capote d’apparat (capote de paseo).

Sur l’habit de lumières du matador, les broderies sont habituellement dorées, parfois noires. Sur celui des peones, elles sont argentées, noires ou blanches. On peut noter sur les photos la richesse de ces broderies.
Le coût d’un habit complet est très élevé : environ 3000 euros. Un capote de paseo peut dépasser 5000 euros… Il est bon de rappeler que pendant la Féria d’Arles, sont installées plusieurs bodegas dont les bénéfices sont destinés à aider de jeunes novillos, par définition peu argentés en début de carrière…

Habit de lumière 2

Habit de lumière 3

Habit de lumière 4

Texte & Photos by Joël D.

Toroscape 31

Toroscape 31, by Miki

Toroscape 31, by Miki - "Juan Jose Padilla rime avec alegria !"

I am happy and proud to present today my first Toroscape based on a wonderful photo taken by my favourite bullfight reporter, my French friend Joel D., at the Feria de Arles in April 2009.

Thank you again, Joël, for this great inspiration and… keep on making such great photos!!!

by Miki

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