The Gypsy Princes in El Retiro

Yesterday, as I wrote in my precedent post, we went to our local Art Gallery “El Retiro” to give the owner Curtis Helm my painting commemorating my bullfight paintings show there some weeks ago. Today I heard that after we left, a group of local musicians called “The Gypsy Princes” came to the gallery and played one hour there, first inside, then outside in front of the entrance door. A wonderful complement to the great art show of Julie Jones.

Curtis posted a short video of the Princes in the gallery, here is a screen shot

The Gypsy Princes in “El Retiro” in Turre, Andalusia, Spain

Apparently one of them is actually related to the GYPSY KINGS. I wonder how long it will take until one of the Kings themselves appears in El Retiro!!!  🙂

If you want to see the video please go here


So, it was about time to make a new video featuring some of my bullfight paintings. The last (and first one) was added more than 3 and half years ago1 well, i am not a fan of videos myself, really, but well, one must go with the demand, and it is in fact a good, compact way to show a series of paintings.

For this one I have chosen to present “The Toroscapes”. this series of bullfight paintings in digital twilight.

As always, my partner Kev Moore, English musician (lead singer, bass player and song writer) has composed the music. This time though Kev had suggested to use a piece by Steve Stevens, from his album “Flamenco a gogo”, as I had been briefly in contact with his wife because of a portrait I did of him. Unfortunately, I did not get an answer about the permission to use his music. But it does not matter, Kevin, as always, did a great job!

Mucho tiempo ha pasado desde mi primer vídeo enseñando mis cuadros taurinos, de facto mas de 3 anos!. No soy normalmente una fanática del vídeo para ensenar el arte, pero vale, hay que decir que es una forma muy efectiva y compacta de ensenar mucho en poco tiempo  y de manera elegante. Hoy no se puede pedir al visitante de quedarse mucho tiempo en admirando nuestros cuadros, quieren ver mucho mas cosas en la red.

Este nuevo vídeo presenta una seleccion de mis Toroscapes, esas pinturas taurinas creados en una técnica mixta incluyendo en parte el arte digital.

La música ha sido creado por Kev Moore, un músico de rock  ingles (cantante, guitarrista y autor de canciones)

Bring out your inner bullfighter!

Sometimes I really wonder for what my bullfight paintings are used. I have many examples, but one of the most marking ones for me was one day a young boy contacting me, wanted to use one of my bullfight paintings for his marching band by some event. As always, I was promised to get a photo of the T-Shirt, and of the band by the event, but as always, I did not get anything. I often wonder how fast people forget their promises, and generally their good manners on the net…

Luckily there are still people who know how to behave. The best example was a business man from the UK, who bought an original bullfight painting of me, and the copyright outright, in the intention of using it as the logo of his new company. The man was kind and respectful from the very beginning, we developed a nice relationship and we are still in friendly contact from time to time, him informing me about the progress of the company.


Anyway, 2 weeks ago I was asked for the permission to use  following painting for a flyer for an event at the Crescendo Club, apparently somewhere in Ontario   ( Asking what it was about, I received following answer

“This is the 10th in a series of events from around the world including Brazil, Greece, and Mexico. We bring in DJ’s of the certain ethnicity and play music with the nation’s cultural influence. In this case, for Spain, we will put up the Spanish flag around the club and wear themed Spanish outfits. We cater these events to people who appreciate the music and culture of the featured country.”


So people who will attend the event, i wish you a great time there. And don’t be scared to bring out your inner bullfighter, our world needs courageous and crazy people!

And if somebody is interested in buying a Giclee print of this painting, called “Seeing Red”, it is available in different sizes and on many different supports in my FAA Gallery here:


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