Mission Accomplished

Seeing Red II - by and with Miki

Acrylics on canvas – 185 x 155 cm – 2011

So, the big bull ordered by an American business man and to be delivered to Madrid is finished and approved by the client, just need to signed and varnished now, demounted from the wooden frame and rolled into into a big cardboard tube to go on the road.. If you have already tried to roll a bull into a cardboard tube, you might know that it is a tough gig, Perhaps the most difficult part of the whole mission!!!: they are not pets, they are wild animals and don’t really fancy getting locked into a tube! Lets hope my bull won’t use his horns to destroy his cage… I should perhaps give him some sedative before …  🙂

Sorry for the silly story, but I have a vivid imagination, and the bulls I paint are real to me!

This painting is, in the composition, the result of two existing paintings. The client saw on the net the following gouache painting by me, 50 x 65 cm, and asked me if I could reproduce it in big on canvas.

Seeing Red – by Miki

It was not really possible, as the original painting is an horizontal format.So I had to make another composition, but more or less keeping the bullfighter and the red cape how they are. I proposed different compositions to the client, ans he chose among them exactly the one I personally preferred. I was extremely glad about that. I saw a photo of the sumptuous place where the painting will hang, and I think my painting will look great there in a big golden frames above the beautiful chimney.

I originally thought that the painting would hang in an office in Madrid, but I was wrong. The painting will travel from Madrid to Bologna, Italy, and from there to Florida, USA.

How nice: My bulls are literally invading America! I have sold so many of them over there, as originals or prints… it always amazes me, it seems to be more aficionados over there then here in Spain and France. Or perhaps there are more people loving  art? Or my own special style? Or more people with money for art?

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. shelleymhouse
    Mar 04, 2011 @ 13:25:23

    Wow, this is a big bull! The photo with you sitting next to it really puts it in perspective. I will keep an eye out when he is set loose here in the States!

  2. Pamela Allegretto Franz
    Mar 04, 2011 @ 18:04:43

    Although we live a long way from Florida, it will be nice to know that your fabulous bull will be here in America.

  3. Joël
    Mar 04, 2011 @ 23:31:27

    Tu peux être fière de cette mission accomplie, Miki mais de grâce, malgré les difficultés pour faire entrer ce toro dans son tube, ne fais pas subir “d’afeitado” à ses cornes… tant pis pour le tube ! 😀
    Je suis sur que ce toro impressionnera ceux qui vont pouvoir l’admirer. Bravo !

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  5. curtis helm
    Mar 12, 2011 @ 06:26:14

    fantastic, well done miki

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