Meeting Alejandro Carmona


Alejandro Carmona and Miki in El Retiro in Turre

(I guess we don’t look very cool with our winter clothes, far from the “traje de luces” for him and from the “exotic artist” look for me, but it was freezing in Turre!)

As I said in my previous post announcing my bullfight paintings exhibition in the gallery “El Retiro” in Turre on Friday the 28th of January 2011, we had a very special guest there: the local bullfighter Alejandro Carmona. It was wonderful to meet him and to have, for the first time in my life, the opportunity of a real conversation with a bullfighter. Although I have been to bullfights since I was a baby (really, in the arms of my father!) I never had the occasion to have a chat with one of my ring heroes. I must say, I am immensely happy that this first encounter was  with Alejandro, as he turned out to be a very lovely, sensitive and intelligent guy. not at all “the macho type” which some people think bullfighters are. All the contrary. The conversation with him was extremely interesting,, we spoke about his débuts as he was 12 years old, how his family took it. Well, they thought it would be just a childish fantasy, one which many Spanish children certainly have. But it turned out to be serious, and the family totally supported him. I was quite emotional to hear that! There is nothing better than parents supporting and encouraging their children’s passions!

Alejandro stopped bullfighting in October 2008, and as fate would have it, Kevin and me attended that bullfight, without knowing it would be his last ever. Here are some photos of Alejandro taken that same day, in October 2008 in Turre. It was also the first bullfight for Kevin – A wonderful memory! I will never forget his excitement and screams as he saw the first bull rushing into the ring!

Alejandro Carmona in Turre
Alejandro Carmona in Turre

Alejandro has retired from official bullfighting , but he often goes to a friend’s ganaderia near the town of Jaen, and fights the bulls there in private. If I undertstood him well, his favourtie painting in the show was this one. I suppose because it reminds him of the ganaderia… and also it indirectly says that bullfighters deeply love the bulls, which many anti-bullfight fanatics seem to ignore…


Bull Herd - Gouache painting by Miki

I want to thank him with all my heart for his meaningful presence in my exhibition and the wonderful conversation we had. And I’m looking forward to meeting him again for a coffee soon at the “Hotel-Terraza Carmona” in Vera, run of course by the family Carmona.

Hotel-Terraza Carmona in Vera

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  2. Pamela Allegretto
    Jan 29, 2011 @ 18:38:08

    Congratulations on the success of your art exhibit. Your bull fight painting series is so outstanding, it’s great that the people who live in and around Turre had the oportunity to view these paintings in person and to meet you.
    All my heart felt wishes for continued success.

  3. Joël
    Feb 03, 2011 @ 21:40:00

    Miki, je suis ravi que l’exposition ait été un joli succès. Les photos sur les différents sites montrent une belle affluence ; et cerise sur le gâteau : la présence d’Alejandro Carmona.
    Pour avoir eu la chance d’être présenté à plusieurs matadors, je devine aisément le plaisir -et l’émotion- que tu as pu ressentir.
    Je te souhaite une longue suite à cette exposition.

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