Toro Rescued from The Trash

A little bullfight painting from the past, which I found going through older paintings, in the intention to make some order there, throwing away what seems to me unworthy to be kept. In a first impulsion this one was about to land in the trash too, but in the last moment it escaped.

Looking closer at it, I was charmed by the spontaneity, the inexactitude, the basical attitudes of  bull and bullfighter.

I remember exactly when I painted it, it was in the lounge of my parents flat in the French Pyrenees, 4 years ago in autumn, I had come  for a week to paint outside , but the weather was awful all the time and I could not do one sketch outside. So I ended painting inside from fantasy, loads of gouache/watercolour impressionist landscapes, which I present in my sites under the name

“Times of The Day”.

And somewhere, at some times of the day, I also painted some bullfight. This one took 5 minutes…

Toroscape 57 - by Miki

And if somebody is interested in buying a Giclee print of this painting, it is available in different sizes and on many different supports in my FAA Gallery here:

Si alguien quiere comprar un Giclee print de este cuadro, se puede hacer directamente online en mi FAA Galería aquí:

Photography Prints

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