Fighting with Yellow and Pink – Luchando con amarillo y roso

Yellow and pink.. a combination of colours which i just adore! Which is one of the reasons why my favourite bullfight paintings are those which feature the first part of the bullfight, when they fight with that cape, yellow on one die, pink on the other side. It just looks gorgeous! Unfortunately most of the people do not really know the bullfight from inside are not even aware about that cape, and think that the bullfighter cape is always red. Which is, I guess, the reason why 95% of my bullfight paintings sales are those featuring the red cape. What a pity! a pity or me above all,a s I would love to paint much more of this first phase of the fight. But well, i have to go with my clients wishes, at least most of the time…

So, for those who are interested in technical details, here is some info about the pink and yellow cape:

“The ‘Brega’ cape is an instrument to fight, made of fabric, with the shape of a cape, used at the beginning of the bullfighting to wish good luck, as well as to do some artistic moves.
There are three specific parts in the ‘Brega’ cape:
The front part of the cape, which is dyed intense pink. In the superior central part, a semi-circle addition called ‘esclavina’ is sewed in the same colors.
The back of the cape is yellow. In the back the name of the bullfighter is written in black.
The last part is the lining, perhaps because it is the only one that is not shown. But it is a fundamental part, as it is easy to handle and gives consistency to the fabrics.
This cape must not be confused with the cape ‘de paseo’ that is only used during the ‘paseillo’. The shape is the same than the shape of the ‘Brega’ cape but it is a bit smaller. It is decorated with stripes, sequins of gold and also religious images.
It is usual, at the end of ‘el paseillo’, to give it to some person as deference to keep it for the bullfighter during the corrida.
Measures aprox. 2,5 metres (wide), 1,25 metres (high).”

Toroscape 52 - by Miki

Amarillo y roso, una combinación de colores que siempre me encanta.Eso siendo la razón por mi preferencia de cuadros taurinos ensenado el primer tercio de la corrida, cunado torean con el capote de brega. Para mi un encanto de color y de arte! Por lastima creo que la mayoría de mis clientes alrededor del mundo compran mis cuadros ensenando el tercio donde los toreros luchas con la capa roja. No se porque exactamente. Supongo que la capa roja es el símbolo de la corrida para ellos. Tal vez algunos tampoco saben que existe esa otra capa. O tal vez, mis clientes siendo principalmente hombres, puede ser que encuentran el amarillo/roso demasiado femenino… Tengo que seguir los deseos de mis clientes, pero de vez en cuando me hago placer a mi misma, y pinto el capote de brega…


And if somebody is interested in buying a Giclee print of this painting, it is available in different sizes and on many different supports in my FAA Gallery here:

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