Why so much yellow

After my last blue acrylic bullfight painting , I urgently needed to go back to my favourite colours which are yellow and orange. Sometimes I decide to force myself to completely change my palette of colours, just to make sure that i don’t get stuck in one direction. The world is much too big and too rich to stick to one colour, style, technique, theme, etc… which has often the effect that some people tell me that i should focus! God, i hate it when they come with that! Why in hell should I focus on anything? I love painting, I want to paint everything and in all possible ways and colours! So called art critics would day that to find the own personal style is artistic success, I would say it is artistic death!!!

But as I said, I just love warm colours, and it is hard to change it. And how happy I am when I have made a cold colour exercise, to come back to my wonderful yellows! Then I use them a lot, as you can in my new bullfight painting!

100 x 50 cm - Acrylic on Canvas - by Miki

The original painting is available for sale in Miki’s Mart.

The painting is also available as Giclee print on different supports and in different sizes. There you go:

Sell Art Online

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