If I have to die, I would like to fight to the end…

When I got up this morning and checked my mails, I had the wonderful surprise to get two great comments (from the same person though) on my Youtube bullfight paintings video. Normally when I see that there is some comment about my bullfight art, I first take a deep breath before I read it, being used to get insulted, you know,  “I haven’t got a soul, I should be thrown to the beast myself, etc…”, stuff like that. Of course, i also get the opposite mails, wonderful mails telling me hoe great my bullfight paintings are. And in fact I have a great circle of clients around the world. But still, I could do without these hate mails and comments.


Anyway, here they are, the words from today, written by tchetcheibiza :

This is one of the most brave things ever. Every one is afraid when a dog attack in the street, now imagine your self been face to face with this beautifull animal, the bull, like 500kg – 1ton of pure muscle and explosive energy, he can just run over you break your bones and smash you to the death. The rush of adrenalin would be incredible, the courage shown by those men are amazing. thumbs up, spanish finest!!”


“Let me ask something, Every one says: Is better die fighting than let them kill you. I think in this way too… if I have to die, I would like to fight to the end. So why in the fuck sake people are against bullfightings? The ox will be killed anyway if they dont use it on a bullfight. You all that are against this should stop eating meat. Most of animals for food are created without the adequate space,imagine yourself been born inside a prision just to when you grow up become food for some one.”

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