Why so much blue?

Loads of stricture on this one, one might not see it in the photo though… and, quite an exception in my bullfight paintings, loads of blue in it! If I remember well, i have only one with bmuch blue on it, and my brother, who normally loves my bullfight paint6insg, said , with some desdain on his face:

“Why did you put all thatb blue there?”

But it turned out that that painting, called “Toro Tempest” (a small one in gouache), is, from the bsiness point of view, my biggest hit ever!  This might be the answer to “Why so much blue?”  …

We will see what this one brings…

Acrylics on canvas - 70 x 70 cm - By Miki

The original artwork is for sale.


Prints in different sizes ans on different supports can be purchased in my FAA Gallery

Art Prints

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