A New Acrylic Bull

I have been asked, at different occasions, to create new bullfight paintings on canvas. Hum, not so happy about it… for the last year I have been painting mainly with watercolour, gouache, pastel, pencils and also digital tools, and the thought of going back to acrylics was not very appetising. I explain: when I paint acrylic bullfight scenes, it becomes a wild fiesta in my atelier, and colours, mainly vibrant black and red, are flying all over the place, landing partly on the canvas but also everywhere else, especially on myself! And I don’t really like it!

Well, today i eventually did it. There was that half done painting I started one year ago, i chose to finish it. I normally hate to go back to an old painting, it is like drinking cold coffee. But well, sometimes, when times are hard,  one has to drink cold coffee…. 🙂

2010 Acrylics Toro - 50 x 100 cm - by Miki

The original is for sale.


Prints in different sizes ans on different supports can be purchased in my FAA Gallery

Photography Prints

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