Toro Evanescento

Sometimes it is very interesting to go back in time, and look at what one did in the past. One had another technique, one was in another mood, had even perhaps another life… and always one can see it in the style and in the technique one used. Also there were always times when I had a bullfight phase, and I painted a lot of them, but after some weeks I couldn’t see the bulls and bullfighters any more, and I had to stop suddenly, often in the middle of some works. Anyway, these last days, animated as well by the antibullfight fighters as  by new clients from far away -and their wonderful compliments!-, I felt the urge to come back in the ring, In one my atelier rooms, there were some paintings lying around, abandoned months. probably even years ago… I just worked a little bit on them. Some, like the one I publish today, are really in a very different style, almost evanescent… I wonder what was my inner state as I started it!

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