Come on, Dude, let us have a drink!

I have started creating a series of funny bullfight paintings for the 123 Greetings Studio. They are part of a bigger project, from which the aim is to create a whole collection of paintings/designs which can be sent as greetings cards at such occasions as thanksgiving, Christmas, Advent, New Year, Valentines, etc…  A quite interesting work in fcat, I really enjoy to strech my brain to try to find good ideas, and then to try to convert them in some attractive picture, which could incite people to send them to their friends, familiy, etc.. a big honour for me if they do, by the way!

I will show you in this blog some of these bullfight creations, which I have done very recently. At some point, when I have enough I will put them together in a Youtube video, and give the link. In the meanwhile if you want to send them as ecards, or just look at them, go please to my 123 Studio Gallery. If you go there, please have the patience to browse through the different pages, i have quite a lot of ecards downloaded there, and many  have nothing yo do with bullfight…  which of course does not mean they you shouldn’t look at them!!!  🙂


This one, I hope, will unify pro- and antibullfight people, won’t it?

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  1. Pomme
    Nov 14, 2009 @ 20:20:33

    C’est très amusant. J’aime le regard du taureau, on lui ferait presque un câlin 🙂

  2. Joël
    Nov 21, 2009 @ 00:05:49

    😉 Tsss…tsss… Oh Miki, l’allure que je je trouve très féminine de ce toro ne casse-t-elle pas l’image que l’on se fait du fauve lâché dans l’arène ? lol !!!

  3. Miki
    Nov 22, 2009 @ 17:16:06

    Oh, tu sais Joel, depuis la libération des femmes, certains mâles se sont un peu trop efféminés… et puis ce toro, il est peut être de l’autre bord, n’est ce pas? 🙂

    … certains fauves ont des fois l’air très tendres …

    Bref, oui, tu as raison, çà casse l’image. Mais ne t’inquiète pas, le prochain que je publierai rétablira l’image… il en faut pour tous les gouts dans le service ecards.

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  5. Joël
    Nov 22, 2009 @ 21:53:40

    Rires ! Miki, tu sais que je ne suis pas assez “puriste” pour ne pas aimer cet humour décalé ! Continue !

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