Bullfight paintings exhibition at the bullring

0810 bullfight paintings exhiition in Turre

In my last post I said I would publish some more photos from my bullfight paintings exhibition last year, at the bullring in Turre (Almeria, Spain), this charming little town where we live. I had got the special authorisation from our mayor for that, to be honest I had expected it to be denied as I applied, only 2 days before!The fact is they had never been confronted with such a petition in our town hall… but our mayor is a modern man, he even made sure himself that I got the space I needed, just by the entrance.

We don’t have a real bullring here in Turre, so on some important occasions, like the town fiesta in October every year, a mobile arena has to be constructed. Of course, it is just a tiny one, but I must say that I adored to ‘participate’ in the bullfight there. It was quite intimate, and of course the ambience was great, a bullfight here being quite a rare event..

0810 toros en fuegoIt was quite hilarious as the fire engine arrived and parked just by my exhibition. It really looked as if they were expecting that some anti-bullfight fanatics would arrive and set my paintings on fire!

0810 horses bulls and firemenOn the other side of the fire engine… I guess they were the horses from the picadores…

0810 JCB horsesIn fact there were horses everywhere outside the bullring, before the bullfight started. I suppose they had no room to “park” them inside the mobile arena. ..

0810 bulls in Turre

and this is where the bulls were parked, at the back of the arena, inside the lorry which brought them., waiting for their appearance on stage… and their death, unfortunately. I can tell you, there was a lot of restless movement and banging inside there, quite scary! Always sad when one thinks that these beautiful wild animals, so full of energy, will be killed within 10 minutes after the beginning of the fight. I must say that I suffer much more under this thought than under the sight of them being killed… It somehow makes me more conscious of the occasional unfairness of life and death…

I once had the opposite experience. I was invited to go to “the butchery” (I don’t know the right word), inside the arena, just after a bull was killed which I had just seen fighting. It was a deep existentialist shock, to see  this wild animal which had fought so bravely some minutes ago, hanging there by his feet and being skinned… I will never forget this!

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  1. Joël
    Sep 21, 2009 @ 18:21:00

    Miki, I appreciated your words : you focus on our paradoxical love for bull fighting. We love these wonderful and wild animals, we appreciate the “lidia” between man and animal, we know that death is omnipresent but at the end, we feel sad to see dead toros…especially in the “butchery”.

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