Man, Bull and Horse in Digital Light


An example of pure Digital Art. I do believe that the computer tools are very adequate to express artistically the vibrancy of the Fiesta. Unfortunately many people still think that Digital art is not Art at all. It happens to me quite often that some clients contact me, being interested in some digital bullfight painting, but when I tell them that these ones  are partly or totally digital art, they lose the interest.

But I must say that this happens above all in Europe. Over sea, especially in America and Canada, the people don’t care really what it is if they love it!

Anyway, this is a digital painting’ based on a wonderful photo taken by my French friend and bullfight lover Joel D. My special thanks goes to him for allowing me to use his photos.

I thought it might be interesting to see both art works close to each other, the photo and the painting!

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