Mugs and Bulls


I am very proud to present you today one of the products which The Bay Attic in Scotland have created especially for my

Bull and Bullfighting Art site.

I have received these two mugs, some days ago, together with some other wonderful products which I will present in my site there. These cups are simply wonderful, of a beautiful quality and design.

And I have tested them already: they work perfectly!

I have thought about a way to present them here, and in my site. I simply couldn’t take the usual boring path, so I had this idea of using a white coathanger as horns and holder for the cups… and I stole the bull from somewhere in the net, like a cattle rustler(!) , but I performed some plastic surgery on him, giving him the eyes from another prettier bull featured on one of my paintings… Hope I won’t be sued by any of them!

Cheers and Ole!

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