Thank you and Ole!

After all these beautiful entries from Joel D. about his first appearances in the Toro World, I have to come back for a little while to the harsh reality of the Business World. It is not cheap to go to a bullfight nowadays, so I need to earn it, somehow! 🙂

Most of the people haven’t got the money to buy an original painting, even if we, artists, think that we sell them much too cheap! For this reason I have introduced in my product line Giclee prints of bullfight paintings, a wonderful product, the technique of which never ceases to amaze me.

But well, one does not get anything for free in this world, as my old (physics) professor used to say.

Above all you can’t get high quality cheaply, which means that the Giclee prints, although less expensive than the originals, still cost quite a lot of money.

I have finally decided to sell middle-sized, hand-signed posters of my paintings. And these are, objectively, quite cheap, and still look great! The posters actually available are the ones featured in the slide show above.

So, if you want to have a look at all that, simply go to my Bull and Bullfight Art new website.

Thank you



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