A Taurean writes…

I suppose it is only fitting that, as a Taurean  enjoying his fiftieth year, that I should choose this, my half-century to attend my very first bullfight – a tradition fraught with emotion  and spectacle, from both the lovers and the haters!

Having approached this  (almost) uniquely Spanish event “backwards” via the magic, mystery and movement of Miki’s paintings, I found the bullfight itself to be fascinating – a series of what I like to call “Miki’s moments” captured in fluid motion, brought to life before my eyes, the dance between man and bull, the swirling cape and sand, a glorious, deadly ballet. to understand the bullfight is to understand Spain. To condemn it is easy. Man has deeper roots with nature than we care to admit sometimes. The bullfight brings us closer to dealing with those uncomforable feelings about the hunt, about mortality. The deadly beauty of our ancient interaction with other creatures. Miki’s paintings bring the passion and movement alive. they almost leap off the canvas at you. Look out!

Kev Moore

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